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Friday, October 21, 2022

What You Must Know to Get a Top Ranking in Google

Did you waste your money already? STOP before doing anything and read this. Did you know that 99% of SEO techniques aren't as effective as they say. Don`t be surprised. Here is what you need to know to get Top Ranking in Google. Back to basic The truth of most SEO technique is that they aren't working quite well. We know the 80/20-rule. Which states that only 20% of things give 80% results. In SEO there is a 99/1-rule. 99% of them are doing hardly anything. There is just a 1% that works and that 1% is already known. However everyone is still looking for the quickfix. So let me tell you the 1% that is effective to get Top Ranking in Google. You've heard them before and here it is again. 1. Pages with content Google loves content. How often do you place quality content on your site? If the answer is not to often then you should change that right now. A site with loads of content is the best you can have just start thinking about it. Why does websites like Wikipedia have a Top Ranking in Google? Because of there SEO-method? Of course not. It is absolutely content. Content is king! 2. Speak the language of Love (Google) How can you get a Top Position in Google? Only by using HTML codes the right way. Have you heard of the semantic web? If no, here is a quick explanation. The semantic web means using the right HTML-tags the right way. For example the use header tags for headers etc? Many people use other codes that enlarges the fontsize and use bold text to create a lookalike header. It looks like it but Google won`t recognize it as a header. The worse of all is using a table tag for your layout. This is very confusing for Google. 3. Vote for me and give me backlinks Backlinks is the most important of all. It is time consuming and hard in the beginning. Creating many backlinks is something you need learn because with out backlinks you will never get a Top Position in Google. Sadly enough there is less information about this. Google don`t offer much information and luckily there is a solution for this. I will talk about that the next time.