A binocular view of New Yankee Stadium

I am one of those who always carry binoculars in case I miss something. By losing something, I mean not seeing something up close and personal; or not seeing the larger, improved version of a particular shot or frame. Obviously, for bird watching, binoculars work. One can only get a little close to a robin’s nest or a sparrow’s birdhouse without being disturbing or intrusive. Binoculars allow you to stay at a good distance and still monitor the birds and see a lot. A mother robin feeding and protecting the family can be seen clearly from 100 feet or more without feeling that you are near the limit of ‘invasion of privacy’.

However, bringing binoculars to a ball game is not the same as using binoculars for bird watching. As a true fan of baseball AND the New York Yankees, I am often a little undecided about whether or not I should bring my binoculars to the stadium. If I do not bring them, I will continue to watch the game without problems. Being obsessive about not wanting to miss a single pitch, I feel like Watching the action through binoculars sometimes takes away the sheer joy of watching baseball.. On Friday, the day before my friend and I attended the Yankees-Phillies game, I noticed that I had slowed down my Leupold 8X30 Yosemite binoculars to a friend. The Leupold 8X30 are my personal favorites for watching baseball. No problem, I had my Carson YK 10X42 ready (I use them mostly for bird watching). They’re not that light and I wasn’t sure how the extra weight would work for a three hour set. And to my surprise, I found that weight was not a factor at all. And with the added magnification, the close-ups were more intimate. Sitting in section 215, between third base and the left-field foul post, they were certainly helpful.

As for taking away the pure pleasure, we picked our spots and it really worked out perfectly. I mean, what baseball fan is going to watch an entire game through binoculars anyway? That is pretty ridiculous. We got to our seats about 45 minutes before the first pitch and got a close look at the players during warm-ups, stretches, etc. It was also great to see the players chatting with each other, sometimes smiling and laughing. We saw Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon laughing quite a bit after a brief conversation that took place at second base; with Phillies short stop Jimmy Rollins. We immediately wanted to know what these two stars (of rival teams) were talking about. That is what is so much fun about watching a game live. Experiencing the personal connection between two normal guys who just make a lot of money playing baseball … makes fans even bigger fans. With my Carson YK 10X42, the experience was definitely better than it would have been if we hadn’t brought them. And if I hadn’t slowed down my Leupolds, I never would have learned that a full-size 10×42 binocular works great for watching a baseball game.

As for the game itself, we were able to get some close-ups at key points in the game when we were feeling so inclined. At the end of the eighth inning, the Yankees were down 4-2. With the wind blowing a bit, we thought about leaving early for dinner. Until that point, the Yankees looked pretty bad at the plate. Obviously, at this point, we didn’t know we were about to witness the best win of the season; in a season that has already had several. Luckily we stayed. With one out in the bottom of the ninth and Damon in the first, I watched Alex Rodriguez through my 10X42 for every pitch thrown by the Phillies pitcher, and last year’s best closer in both leagues, Brad Lidge. On the face of it, I would never have known how good the at-bat was without the binoculars. With a 3-2 count, A-Rod connected and then posed, as he always does when he knows he just connected one out of the park. We watched the ball drop into the right field seats. Wow! Tie game! Then I got caught up in the frenzy of the Bronx crowd and put my binoculars down. Two batters later, Melky Cabrera had his third winning hit of the year and the Yankees somehow won another game that they had no right to win. And we were there to see it … and we had the best viewpoint in the stadium!

5 service-based businesses that really benefit from local SEO

Does your utility company serve a specific local geographic area? If so, your success depends largely on attracting local traffic.

Local SEO can be a great way to reach customers. While virtually any business can benefit from SEO, read on to discover five fields where this strategy can really pay off for great business rewards.

Looking for more local SEO strategies for your business? Read our article: 13 strategies to optimize your website for local SEO

1. Medical and dental clinics love local SEO

You can see a big jump in search engine rankings by targeting local keywords around health or wellness.

Think about what you’re looking for when you need a new emergency doctor or dentist – you’ll probably be looking for more “family doctor” or “emergency dentist” in your city.

However, you should also target long-tail keywords on your website, such as “medical office open on Saturdays in Vancouver” to reach more potential clients.

2. The hyper-directed hospitality business

Do you have a restaurant, bar or hotel? Local SEO is a must. People often use the “near me” message suggested by Google that appears in the search bar, so make sure your site’s content is targeted to your location whenever possible.

Also, many people will see reviews on sites like Yelp before they click on your website, more than any other type of business. Keep your business information on these sites up to date and respond quickly to complaints.

3. Home Services (I need help NOW)

A local SEO campaign works well for problem solvers.

It is common for those looking for a plumber or locksmith to call the first list that appears on Google, but it is not as simple as creating a website with their contact information.

To stay in front of customers, you need to focus on adding original content, optimizing your site, and targeting long-tail keywords. Going with a paid SEM campaign is also a must for these types of businesses.

4. Neighborhood Specific SEO for Realtors

Real estate is a very competitive category, especially with so many large companies as well as platforms like Zillow.

You’re likely to get a lot of traffic from long-tail keyword searches, so in addition to “Toronto home for sale,” it includes “Toronto downtown waterfront condo for sale.”

Do your keyword research and write about what families with young children should look for when buying a dog-friendly home or neighborhoods, whatever resonates with your audience.

5. Lawyers

Another highly competitive category! The good news is that potential customers are generally looking for very specific information.

Therefore, your local SEO strategy can be built around long-tail keywords. For example, instead of “Calgary attorney,” choose “Southeast Calgary Trust and Probate Attorney” to convert searches to leads.

Get local and long-tail keywords

This is by no means an exhaustive list of companies that can benefit from local SEO, but it does give you a good idea of ​​where it can really make a difference.

Focus on building your local SEO strategy and using long tail keywords and the traffic will follow!

When you look into software based roulette prediction – Software Based Roulette Predictions

Software Based Roulette Predictions

Software based roulette predictions are one of the most sought after forms of sports betting advice. The reason for this is not hard to fathom. Many bettors, at one point or another, have either never won at the game, or they always lose more than they ever win. So, if there is software that can make them better at it, why wouldn’t they use it?

When you look into software based roulette prediction, you will soon find out that there are plenty of ways in which it can help you in the game. For instance, you can use this software based system to help you determine what cards you should get or how you should bet on the cards you are dealt. This software can also help you analyze the type of bets you want to make. Do you want to try and take a medium stake, high stake or fold? Once you decide what kind of bets you want to make, then you can get the software to help you with it.

You can also get the software based roulette prediction to do other things for you besides helping you make the right bets and decisions. For example, you can set it so that it predicts the number of cards you have on your hand. It will tell you if you have enough cards on the table to make it a good investment. It can even give you information about the chances that you have of getting a specific card. With all of these great tools, you can bet smarter, not harder!

When you look into software based roulette prediction?

Of course, we all know that when it comes to gambling online there is no real strategy that is going to help you. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use software based roulette prediction to help you out. You can make your decision based on trends and patterns that you see in the table. This gives you the best chance at being successful and making the right bets.

When you are looking for software based roulette prediction software, you should make sure that it offers you plenty of ways for you to win. Many of them only tell you if you are likely to get a certain card, but they don’t tell you how much that card is worth. There are some that have special tools such as a simulator that you can use to learn the game and the strategies involved. You also want software based roulette prediction that lets you back test your decisions. This will let you see what your success rate was when you made the same bets over time.

Roulette Prediction Software

Baccarat Prediction Software

Blackjack card counting Software

Dragon Tiger Prediction Software

There are a variety of different software programs that you can look at when you are looking for software based roulette prediction. Make sure that it offers you plenty of ways for you to win so that you can always have money on the table. Don’t forget to check into the software options that will allow you to customize the software so that it works best for you. It is very important that you can accurately predict the results of the bets that you make, so take the time to find software that gives you the highest accuracy rate.

From Panama to the top of the charts: the history and roots of reggaeton music

Although today it is one of the most popular styles of music these days, the history of reggaeton can be traced back to a variety of musical genres. These genres range from reggae and dancehall to Latin American styles that include bomba, bachata, and salsa. He has also been heavily influenced by rap / hip-hop and R&B.

The style of reggaeton dates back to the country of Panama in the 1970s. At that time, Jamaican reggae began to influence the language and culture of the nation. These early artists gave the Jamaican style a distinctive Latin beat. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico in the 1980s was a site of a related movement. A group of hip hop artists led by Vico C began to combine reggae in their songs. Caribbean and African American music was becoming a significant influence in the country during that time. In the coming years, this trend will grow dramatically. It wasn’t long until a new genre was formed: a combination of Panamanian-influenced reggae, but heavily influenced by electronic music. The traditional Latin American sounds mentioned above were also a key factor for this emerging musical style.

Then in 1991, musician Shabba Ranks came up with a song called Dem Bow. Although it was not clear at the time, this song would go on to have a great influence on the development of the genre. You still follow it here today to refer to the heavy sound of the safe that is characteristic of reggaeton. A couple of years later, the name reggaeton was used for the first time, new artists began to make it extremely popular in various Latin American countries.

A second wave of reggaeton artists were responsible for breaking into the United States market. Once they did, it didn’t take long for them to become widely popular. Today popular artists like Wisin y Yandel, Don Omar, Rakim y Ken-y, Daddy Yankee and many more have topped the charts and cemented reggaetón’s reputation as an incredibly popular fusion genre that is here to stay.

In addition to being a musical force of their own, some of these reggaeton artists have collaborated with other more mainstream artists to draw even more attention to the genre. Daddy Yankee recorded a Gangsta Zone song with Snoop Dogg; Wisin y Yandel collaborated with 50 Cent in Mujeres en el Club; Dom Omar created Conteo with Juelz Santana; and Wisin y Yandel himself also recorded a song with R&B singer T-Pain. In the future, we can look forward to many more of these exciting collaborations, and reggaeton music continues to become more and more popular.

3 reasons why you can get banned from Facebook

Most people don’t have to worry about their accounts being banned or revoked by Facebook. But some seemingly innocent actions can put your account in danger because they violate Facebook’s terms of use. The list is long, but these are some of the most important.

Too young to use Facebook

If you’re a kid and can’t wait until you’re at least 13 to use Facebook, you could get in trouble. Only people who are of the minimum age can open an account. The only way to avoid it is to lie about your age, which is also against the rules.

Get a fake name or use someone else’s name

Facebook is adamant about this. No false identities, no aliases, no imaginary characters. So forget about creating a Facebook profile for your alter ego. You can use only your real name, the same name that you use in everyday life. Needless to say, you can’t impersonate someone else either.

Create multiple Facebook accounts

There are good reasons for having multiple Facebook accounts. For example, you may prefer to keep your personal connections separate from your professional ones. Or maybe you want to open a new account for your favorite Zynga games so you don’t have to bother your friends. But unfortunately, Facebook will not allow you to do this. Technically, you are not allowed multiple accounts.

What are the chances of getting caught?

Unless you do something very unusual and objectionable, or if you have a high profile (such as in the unlikely event that your Facebook activities make the evening news), you could probably get away with a violation for some time. . But Facebook can eventually catch up when you least expect it. And even before that date, anyone can report their account to staff at any time. If you are a minor, anyone in your circle of friends would know about it and could report it. Multiple accounts cannot be traced by IP address alone as family members often share the same IP and computer. But if someone knows you have more than one account and knows what accounts they are, they could also track you there.

In short, take no chances. If you appreciate your Facebook account, please review the Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities (you’ll see it at the bottom of every page on the site) and make sure you’re a good citizen.

Products and Operations Completed – Recent Headline Case Provides Proof of Why This Coverage Is Vital

For many of today’s vast and growing industries, significant liability exposures can arise from your products and completed operations compared to your facilities and on-site operations. Product liability arises when a business can be held liable for bodily injury or property damage caused by the products it sells, manufactures, or distributes. Liability for completed operations results when the company can be held liable for property damage or bodily injury caused by work performed, such as service and repairs.

Products and completed operations are often combined within the insurance policy because they both address the fact that a problem has occurred once control has been relinquished and the product has left the insured’s premises. Product liability insurance has quickly become one of the most important coverages available today. Constant headlines for defective or tampered products, major lawsuits, and increased litigation have led to demand for safer products across industries. The handling of mass litigation and rising insurance costs has encouraged companies to increase internal safety testing measures while producing safer consumer products.

During the last Christmas holidays, a large national retailer was in the news for pulling baby formula from all of its 3,000 outlets nationwide. The formula had been linked to the death of a baby and the chain decided to withdraw the formula as a precautionary measure until all the facts related to the case were available. A measure like this can cost the manufacturer millions of dollars in lost revenue, product recall, cause investigation, litigation, and potential damages awarded to plaintiffs. In the early 1980s, six people died in Chicago after taking capsules that were found mixed with cyanide. The investigation later revealed that the deaths were not due to manufacturing but to handling of the product after it reached stores. The manufacturer, unsure at the time whether it was a national crisis, promptly recalled all of its capsules across the country. This recall cost them more than $ 100 million.

Most standard commercial general liability (CGL) policies provide coverage for completed product operations. A general definition of this coverage is defined as:

The Aggregate Limit is the maximum that the Insurer will pay under Coverage A for the sum of all damages arising from the “Risk of Products and Completed Operations” in any twelve-month period ending on an anniversary of the start date of the policy..

It is very important to note that while most policies cover property damage and bodily injury resulting from products or completed operations, these same policies EXCLUDE coverage of the cost of product recall. Product recall insurance can be purchased with a specialized carrier that will cover all expenses incurred by a company that is forced to recall its product for any circumstance. Companies involved in pharmaceuticals, food / beverage and toys have a much higher propensity for product recalls, which is why they make recall insurance a vital cost of doing business.

Just as companies are taking great care in manufacturing safe and quality products, insurance companies take similar precautions when assessing potential risk to products and completed operations. A prudent insurance underwriter will analyze a number of key facts before making a decision. The following is a short list of checkpoints that I used when analyzing large product manufacturing operations.

  1. Potential Product Hazard – What is the worst case scenario if the product fails? A manufacturer of plastic bowls has a much lower risk compared to a manufacturer of lighters.

  2. Packaging: Does the packaging adequately protect the product from damage in transit and is the packaging safe with the proper warnings in place?

  3. Product Manuals – These are comprehensive manuals with illustrations and provide details on how the product should be used safely with instructional information and all possible warnings.

  4. Internal quality control – Has the manufacturer established an adequate program to monitor testing, design, inspection, and security measures?

  5. Customer complaints: there should be a detailed procedure that includes the following: A record of all complaints – date / time / result A record of each product that caused the complaint – make / model A detailed record of all demands and claims A record of final responses or actions taken to eliminate similar future cases Copies of notifications / reports sent to the press, associations, authorities

  6. Detailed records: detailed list of all suppliers, distributors, manufacturers involved in the design, creation and distribution. Invoices should contain complete information on quantity, lot numbers sent to distributors, and outlets to help track product history.

All of the above distribution channels play an integral role in reducing or eliminating a mass product recall. Without them, a recall can be very difficult and costly. In the event that the manufacturer does not know which product is defective, the entire product line may need to be recalled, resulting in additional time to locate the problem with the possibility of further injury / damage until it has been identified the problem.

A few years ago, a woman and her legal team successfully sued a retail chain for damages caused by a hair dryer she bought from their store. The hair dryer caught fire and ended up burning the woman. The case alleged that the retailer sold an unsafe product without warning buyers of the inherent dangers. She received $ 186,000. It is true that the retailer would have tried to recoup its losses by suing the manufacturer of the product in addition to removing the product from its shelves in all places.

Product liability concerns can vary dramatically with each type of product. Past losses within the company or industry are the best indicators of potentially large future claims. This is why insurance companies can spend weeks or more evaluating large, complex and dangerous risks. They invest considerable resources, such as hiring companies to review financial statements, and on-site inspectors to know all the factors before listing and eventually insuring a risk. Businesses that require this coverage should look for a broker that can offer multiple quotes from different carriers to compare prices, wording, and restrictions. If one price seems too low compared to others, be sure to ask how much experience the company has with the specific class of insurance. If they are relatively new and have little to no experience handling a large claim, then it may be best to find another carrier with proven industry experience.

Fasting your way to gut health

This article is about something that is crucial to good health, but that many people still seem to be unaware of. That is daily fasting. Fasting is simply going for a while without eating.

It is not a complex thing, but if you want to take it seriously (and by that I mean fasting for an extended period of time), are diabetic, pregnant, or have autoimmune issues, it is a good idea to get advice and understand how to do it safe.

In fact, we fast every day without realizing it, because we fast during the night while we sleep.

Fasting is said to help boost your immune system, lower blood sugar, and control weight, among others. You are actually being kind to your gut when you fast because you are allowing the wastes that are currently in your system to pass out before you start eating again.

Basically, you are giving your entire digestive system a break, so the body can go back to what it does naturally, which is to heal and repair.

However, what we often do is graze. So we can have a hearty breakfast first thing in the morning when we wake up because that’s what we think we should do. We may have a snack around 11.00. Then we will have lunch probably around 12.00-1.00 p.m. M. We may have a snack around 4:00 pm, then we will probably have dinner around 6:00 am to 7:00 pm We can even have a small snack before bed.

What that means is that we are constantly eating, which means that our digestive system rarely rests. The consequence of this is that our bodies constantly use energy to digest our food instead of burning fat, which is what it is designed to do when we do not eat.

Also, when we snack we don’t always know if we are really hungry and, over time, eating between meals becomes a habit. Sometimes we eat when we are not even hungry, we are actually dehydrated and thirsty.

If we adopt the following seven simple strategies, essentially, we will not only give our body a chance to rest our digestive tract, we will also be strengthening our immune system:

1. Eat breakfast later than before

2. If you must have an early breakfast, make it fruit-based whenever possible, as your body is still in cleansing mode first thing in the morning.

3. Eat when you’re hungry

4. Drink water between meals instead of snacking

5. Don’t eat after 8 pm

6. Take your last meal no more than 4 hours before bedtime.

7. Fast intermittently every day for 12 to 16 hours between the last meal and breakfast.

Thinking about how you eat, what you eat, and when you eat is the beginning of taking control of your own gut health. Consider what you eat first thing in the morning when our body is still cleansing itself; In the same way that you would not feed a newborn baby solids, your stomach first thing in the morning needs to get a little nourishment.

Finally, you can train your body to intermittently fast every day for a period of time until your body gets used to it. Start without eating overnight for 12 hours and gradually extend it. Not only is intermittent fasting great for your gut, it is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help your body begin to function optimally and improve your overall health.

BBC TopGear ‘My Dad Had One of Those’ Book Review

One of the best ways to remember days gone by is by looking at old photographs. We all remember the past more easily when we flip through family photo albums. You can feel nostalgic once again with the BBC’s TopGear book by Giles Chapman titled MY DAD WAS ONE OF THOSE.

This little 140 page hardcover book is packed with real photos of vintage cars dating from the 1950s to the 1980s. You are sure to find your father’s old car and you are sure to find the cars you loved as a child. My favorite is the Ford Mustang from the late 60s and even early 70s.

See how yesterday’s cars did their best to keep up with the changing needs of the community around them as you turn page by page. Pickup trucks, soft tops, and stereos were just a few of the ways car designers tried to manage our growing families, our energetic lifestyles, and our desire to have rock and roll with us at all times.

No matter what your family’s car was, it was somehow part of the family and Dad appreciated it. Nights on the pier, family picnics in the park, Sunday drives to Grandma’s house come to life with this clever little book on the classics on our tickets.

For those of you who enjoy old multimedia material, you will also find this book a delight. See some of the original marketing photos of some of the vehicles you grew up in and reminisce about simpler times with Mom and Dad.

Asset management software benefits

Asset management is the planning, design and implementation of advanced systems in the management of a company’s assets. Control and increase the efficiency of the assets that an organization owns. It includes the management of a company’s infrastructure, plant, property, and human resources. The various components of assets may vary depending on the type and needs of the industry. As the business scenario becomes more complex with a large number of employees, their individual job profiles and workflow are spread across multiple departments; Manually managing data and logs is almost impossible and therefore asset management software provides the right solutions.

Much of the asset management software is currently available in the markets. It allows the efficient management of company assets and is considered an important tool in the performance of any company. This software also manages the physical attributes of an asset, such as purchase requisition completion, valuation, depreciation, asset and maintenance receipts, warranties, and user data. They fully handle all business management issues including cost management, capital budgeting, expense accounting, financial planning, and reporting. With the management of tangible goods, raw materials, finished products, this software also manages your intellectual assets.

Asset management software provides data analysis, which helps the company make new strategic plans for cash flow, helps in the best use of resources and, in turn, increases the productivity of the company.

Some other benefits of asset management software include automatic tracking of all hardware and software across the entire management system network, identification of unlicensed software installations, improved help desk productivity by presenting accurate inventory information, and generation of web reports that can be printed or emailed. Multiple company departments can access this asset data through the company intranet.

Several websites also offer the latest versions of asset management software, either for free or at minimal prices. Buyers can compare the software features of various companies along with their prices and, accordingly, choose the right offer, which best suits their needs and budgets.

Analysis and Tutorial of the Corona Platform Development

Today I am going to talk about a perfect platform for developers who want to create games, applications and e-books for mobile devices. The Corona platform is supported by more than 200,000 developers who have created games, e-books or business applications using this platform.

Corona is one of the most advanced development platforms in the world and is fast becoming the choice of hundreds of developers. It doesn’t matter if you are a foodie or a small professional team, with Corona you can create cross-platform applications quickly and easily.

What is Corona?

Founded in 2008, Corona Labs Inc. is a Palo Alto-based company with extensive technical and business experience across multiple platforms; mobile ecosystem, software platforms, authoring tools, runtimes and cloud services. His previous experience includes leadership positions at companies such as Adobe, Apple, Macromedia, and Microsoft.

Notably, Corona Lua is developed using an easy-to-learn programming language, along with the API, which allows you to add Facebook-like features with just a few lines of code.

API for Corona

Corona’s API library has over a thousand APIs, enabling the creation of commercial e-book and gaming applications for any platform that supports the theme. You’ll see changes instantly in the simulator and can quickly adapt to changes in Lua, a language designed for quick and easy programming (easy to learn too).

Corona allows publishing on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook with a single code base and soon also Windows 8, since they plan to incorporate it due to the increase in popularity that this platform has had.

Developer community

Corona has earned its place in the market in part thanks to the support provided by its developer community, as its forums are filled with enthusiastic developers offering advice, sharing code, and generally helping out. Corona also promotes regional or local group collaboration and networking, which has enabled hundreds of guides, tutorials, videos, and sample projects to make life easier for fellow developers.

This tool provides a space for experimentation and study on its official website and goes further by offering discounts on its licenses for educational purposes.

A little tutorial to start using Corona

Below is a short tutorial on how to get started with Corona

Step 1: download and install Corona SDK

Once installed, you can launch Corona Simulator, where you can create new projects or use the sample projects that are a perfect starting point for learning.

Step 2: start a new project

To create a new project, you just need to click on the “New project” option. In the New Project window, enter the name of the new application, game, or scene. You can set the default resolution and whether you want the app to display vertically or horizontally.

Step 3: save and open in the simulator

After choosing where you want to save your application, you can open the device simulator and choose the base application and configuration files. These files are:

· main.lua. This is the main file of the project. It is the first thing you should run after starting the application.

· config.lua. This is the configuration file for your project. Here you can modify the settings of different devices.

· build.settings. This is the configuration file that Corona uses to create the application on different platforms, such as Android application permissions.

To start building your application, all you need to do is add your application code inside the main.lua file.

The complexity of your application or game is set by your code, but the basic steps are as explained above.

Corona Advantages

The Corona tool offers a wide range of features that make it reliable for creating applications, games, and e-books. Therefore, it offers a series of advantages that will be discussed below.

· Automatic integration with OpenGL-ES: No need to look and learn from classes and functions to create simple screen manipulations.

· Multiplatform development: Corona allows you to create applications for both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

· Produce: Corona is optimized to take advantage of hardware acceleration features, resulting in high-performance games and applications.

· Unit Features: It has native controls to access device hardware like camera, accelerometer, GPS, etc.

· Easy to learn: Corona uses the Lua programming language, which is powerful and easy to learn.

Corona Licenses

Let’s take a look at the different licenses and what they can do for you when you use Corona. With a free license, you can create as many applications as you want, but you cannot publish them. To start publishing on iOS, Android, Kindle or Nook you must invest in the basic license at a cost of $ 16 per month.

The Pro ($ 49) and Enterprise ($ 199) licenses offer a number of great features focused on small and large businesses and customer support. Once you have a Corona license, you can use it on two separate machines, this allows you to develop on your laptop and desktop.

Of all these, only the Enterprise license allows you to work offline; This benefit is priced at a potentially restrictive price of $ 199 per month or $ 999 per year for small business developers and $ 2,499 for larger businesses.

Corona tools are necessary to build connections because part of the build process occurs within Corona Labs servers. The Lua script is precompiled into bytecode (not including comments, debug info, etc.) before being sent to the server. .

The server provides the data to the Corona engine, but it is never saved or archived. At the end of the online building process, you will have an APK application or package in the same way that you would get it if you had used the iOS or Android SDK.