Privacy Policy

E-Mail Registration
If you enter your email address when doing a search we will send you E-mail updates of similar properties. These emails contain cancelation information. These emails are entered directly for the sole purpose of providing property details, thus are collected in a gdpr compliant way. Some emails will be collected via a customer website and then HOL provides information on behalf of our customer. Although all these emails contain cancelation links, this can be done manually at . All cancelations will be processed within 14 days, usually much quicker.

Third Party Advertising
The ads appearing on this Web site are delivered to you, on our behalf, by Google / DoubleClick, our Web advertising partner. Information about your visit to this site, such as number of times you have viewed an ad (but not your name, address, or any other personal information) is used to serve ads to you on this site. For more information, including the cookie and other technology used by google to provide adverts please click here

Submission Forms/ Email Requests
The site contains forms which are submitted to various organisations, these are passed to our customers/ partners. For example

Property enquiries - These are stored on our servers and are passed to the relevant Agents via email. They are held on our servers incase emails are lost of accidently deleted by the customer so we can resend them. They are periodically wiped from our servers after a reasonable time. The same holds true for other property related forms such as "tell a friend" are passed directly to the person refered to as a friend. These are not stored on our systems and are send via email.

Product enquiries - Where a partner is advertising on the homes on line portal may embed their own forms into our site. In this case the information submitted will go directly to the third party and not be stored on our systems.

The Homes-on-line/Homesupdate Newsletter is currently not being published, we hope to restart publication of the newsletter in the future, but at the current time we are unable to commit to this.

For the most part the site does not use cookies although in some circumstances such as the google adverts cookies are used and are beyond our control. No information about the customer is held by this site regarding the advertising, this is all handled by google

Your Data
Customer data we hold falls into two categories

1) Data which is forwarded to partners on your behalf, this information is only held temporarily on our servers and routinely deleted

2) Emails with Search criteria These are the emails which are matched against new property and are used to send out property updates, these can be removed by following the links in the email or alternatively going directly to this page

3) Emails for newletter distribution, like the emails above these can be deleted by using the links in the emails or alternatively by visiting

We have no interest in upsetting or spamming anyone, if you feel you have been incorrectly added to a list and cannot resolve the issue please contact us at

Data Porting
There are currently no defined standards for transferring your data from us to another portal, due to the limited amount of data we hold about visitors to our site this functionality is not appropriate.

For further information or guidance on privacy policies statement, you may wish to refer to the website of the Organisation of Economic Development and Co-operation at Here you will find an online tool for helping to create a privacy policy for your website. For additional guidance, you may also wish to consult the website of the UK Data Protection Commissioner which may be found at