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If you have been turned down for a mortgage by a High Street Lender or are unsure of any adverse credit registered against you, it is a good idea to obtain a copy of your credit file.

This will give you an insight into what a potential lender sees, when they carry out a credit search.

The two largest credit reference agencies are Equifax and Experian. The Consumer Credit Act allows both agencies to charge £2 for providing you with copies of your personal information. Information about Equifax can be found at their website www.equifax.co.uk You can also write to them at the address below. You need to enclose your full name and address and any previous addresses over the last 6 years. Enclose a cheque or Postal Order for £2 made out to:
Equifax Europe plc
Dept 1E
PO Box 3001
G81 2DT

Alternatively, you can call Experian (0115) 976 8747 for recorded details about how to apply for a copy. Further information can be found at their website www.experian.com/uk. Experian Consumer Help Service
PO Box 8000

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